Free Webinar: Watch a Grant Reviewer Critique & Improve a Grant Application

Course Dates and Registration Information

This free webinar will be held on Thursday, December 1, 2022 from 10-11am. Sign up below.


Free! Don’t forget to check out our other courses such as Law Enforcement Grant Writing 101 and Data Analysis for Law Enforcement Grant Writing.

Course Description

What do grant reviewers actually look for? What do they consider important? How will they view my grant application? If you have pondered these questions before, join Police Grant Writing for a free webinar where a former federal grant reviewer will review a grant application, point out its strengths, and edit the application to improve it’s quality where there are weaknesses. This course is for law enforcement leaders and their grant writers who are looking to improve their applications for a better chance of securing funding.

Have a rejected application that you want reviewed? Submit it to be the example!

Police Grant Writing will use an example submitted by you! If you would like to submit an application that you have written to serve as the webinar example, please attach it to the registration page and provide us with the grant solicitation. We will pick one submitted to us to review in the webinar. Feel free to anonymize the application if you do not want your agency identified. However, keep in mind that this is intended to be an educational experience that is focused on improving grant applications, not simply a critique of your work.


Evan Sorg, Ph.D.

Evan is a former New York City Police Officer and Grant Reviewer for the Department of Homeland Security, the owner of Police Grant Writing, and an Associate Professor of Law and Justice Studies at Rowan University where he teaches courses on policing, crime analysis, and crime mapping. Read his full bio here.


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