Municipal Services

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Police Grant Writing LLC offers state and municipal governments consulting and training resources to assist your jurisdictions with identifying, securing, and coordinating grants for public safety. Below is a description of our service contract offerings.

Tailored Training

If your state, county, or municipal jurisdiction is interested in better equipping your public safety agencies with the tools necessary to apply for and secure grant funding, we offer 2-4 day tailored training sessions. Representatives from your agency will receive our proven training courses tailored to your municipality. To learn more, schedule a free consultation and we will discuss options with you.

Grant Coordination Consulting

Due to the fragmented nature of policing in the United States, state and county governments can have dozens of police department’s operating within their borders. This oftentimes means that these various agencies are competing against each other for grant funding. For many grant opportunities, submitting applications where multiple agencies are coordinating with each other and working together can increase the odds of overall success and increase award amounts. In order to achieve this, there must be coordination between these agencies, which can be difficult to achieve. Police Grant Writing offers a grant coordination consulting service that can assist multiple agencies coordinate and work together on grant applications. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Grant Infrastructure Development Consulting

If your municipality has never applied for grants, or if you have been unsuccessful in the past, Police Grant Writing can set you up for success. Police Grant Writing will develop a strategic action plan that will put you on a path to successfully securing funding. This service includes one or more visit(s) to your jurisdiction to analyze your grant infrastructure, meet decision-makers, identify your measurable goals, and the opportunities and/or weaknesses to be leveraged or addressed.