Grant Reviewing Services

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Writing and submitting a grant application can be challenging, even for seasoned agencies with grants experience. Changing state or federal regulations, differing submission requirements, and an increasingly complex governmental landscape can make submission as challenging as writing. Let us review your grant to get it in the best shape possible.

We have served as federal grant reviewers for agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, so we understand how the individuals who will be deciding whether to fund your project think and what they’re looking for. If you are unsure about your finished product, question whether you have been responsive to the solicitation, or just want some feedback on how your application can be improved, utilizing our grant reviewing services is a worthwhile investment.

Our grant reviewing process

A standard grant narrative review involves:

  1. An intake meeting (phone or Zoom) to discuss the grant you’ve applied for and to better understand your needs.
  2. Our team then does a comprehensive review of both the grant solicitation and your grant application, providing:
    1. Detailed comments explaining where and how your application can be improved
    2. Editing for grammar, spelling, and style
    3. A cross-check of your narrative against the request for proposals to ensure all required information is included in your narrative
  3. We then provide you with two documents:
    1. Version of your application with TrackChanges and comments
    2. Version of your application with all edits incorporated
  4. A second Zoom meeting or phone call where all comments are explained

Our post-review application re-write option

If you feel unsure about your ability to rectify the comments that we have provided, we can incorporate them into your application for you with our partial re-write option. We will add and remove aspects of your application that we have flagged as needing attention and provide you with a completely edited and partially re-written document.

Our pricing