Grant Writing Services

Police Grant Writing's process for writing grants for law enforcement agencies


Police Grant Writing is a full-service grant writing provider that will complete your grant application for you. Our experienced grant writers have secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding, so you can rest assured that we have the experience to deliver a high quality, responsive, and professionally written application. Our work speaks for itself, so if you are ready to discuss your project, contact us and we will schedulea meeting (phone call or virtual) to discuss how we can best help you.

What you can expect

We partner with our clients to craft customized grant applications that will resonate with funders. We combine our academic expertise and experience with state/federal grants management and the latest in law enforcement research and methodology with your on-the-ground knowledge of your agency, jurisdiction, and the population that you serve to deliver grant applications that stand out.

Our partnership can look different, depending on the nature of the grant you’re applying for, but a respect for the integrity of law enforcement is always at the center.

Once contracted, we will be in touch regularly to secure the information required to complete your application. We will likelly require access local crime data to analyze in order to demonstrate a pressing need or we many need details on things like personnel and training and manufacturers you contract. In all cases, we work to meet funder requirements while building a compelling, data-driven case for funds.

In most cases, we will request two contacts to be available during regular business hours that will reliably respond to our requests and provide us with the information that we need in a timely manner.

Our process typical involves the following:

  1. An intake meeting (phone or Zoom) to discuss the application, your goals, and what will be necessary for us to complete the work.
  2. We will then provide you with a quote for service and a contract.
  3. Once contracted, we will provide you with a list of documents, data, and information that we will need to complete your application.
  4. Upon receiving the required information, we will begin writing your grant, reaching out for additional information and input along the way as necessary.
  5. We will then provide you with a first draft of the application and hold a second meeting to review and take your comments/edits.
  6. We will incorporate your edits as needed and send you a final draft of your application. If desired, we can also you complete any supplemental materials.
  7. You will submit your grant and the waiting begins!

Additional considerations

  • Grant writing is time consuming. If you know that you would like to pursue grant funds, it is important that you get the process started right away. It is not uncommon that there are only weeks between the time a solicitation is released and the due date. To ensure that we are able to service you, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible after you have identified a grant that you would like to pursue
  • We take a collaborative approach to our grant writing services. It is important to designate a point of contact on your team that will be responsive to our requests for information. Failure to provide the necessary information and documentation will likely lead to an incomplete grant application.
  • Although we stand by our work and always provide high-quality grant applications, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a grant award. Any writer who makes such guarantees is being untruthful. Many factors outside the control of a grant writer will impact the award decision — including geographic location, jurisdiction and agency attributes such as level of crime and demographic information, and amount of available funds and number of anticipated awards, to name just a few.
  • Agencies should be sure that they are registered with state and federal grant systems, and that they are in compliance with all state, federal, and local requirements specified within the grant solicitation.


Generally speaking, an average state grant will take a week of full-time work (or about 40 hours) to complete. For an average 8- to 10-page grant narrative that has no exceptional requirements, the starting market rate is $4,000. Some state and foundation, and most federal grants, require more detail, planning, and more extensive writing, which adds additional cost.

Securing a professional grant writer is an investment. There are millions of dollars in grant funding dispersed each year — investing in a grant writer can significantly increase your chances of successfully securing the funds that you need to finance your project. If your agency has never written a grant before, or if you have been unsuccessful in the past, the final product produced by Police Grant Writing can also serve as a template for future funding opportunities for your reference. If you would like to receive a quote for our service and get started, you can reach out here. If you are ready to get an work estimate from Police Grant Writing, click here to submit a request.